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About Department of Modern Information Technologies of Education


Department​ of Modern Information Technologies of Education is at the forefront of modern psychology and pedagogy sciences, explores the psychological problems of the design and use of computer learning systems. Department was established in 1972. As a base, it had the research group engaged, together with scholars from Cybernetics Institute AS UkrSSR, in development of the problem of non-professional users training. A series of handbooks intended for this type users was prepared, the programming language РЯОД created, which became popular both in Ukraine and abroad. The Department conducts a study of psychological and pedagogical problems of instructional systems design and use.

The Department developed  the concept of instruction as learning activity management. This conception is the core of the new approach to the technology of instruction, it enables eliciting of correlation between the theory and technology of instruction. Specific features of new information technologies of instruction (NITI) were analysed.

The conception of hierarchical NITI design (Ye.I.Mashbitz) was also worked out here. On its basis some experimental instructional systems were developed; prepared were manuals for designers of instructional systems, whatever the system type: 1st generation or hypertext.

The staff of the Department has developed certain tools for instructional systems design, published the manual for teachers on design of hypertext and intelligent instructional systems, and produced the hypertext system for training on text composition.

In the period 1993-2003 Department developed psychological problems mechanisms of instruction. These mechanisms help to elicit relationships between the computer and students on the level of activity pursued by the student and simulated by the system. We focus our attention on such mechanisms as feedback, farther definition of the learning task, and dynamic distribution of managerial functions between the student and the tutor (computer).

In 2004-2007, Department developed the problem of teacher training for effective use of telecommunications technology in learning activities. Theoretical aspects of the impact of telecommunications networks in the education system, studies the theoretical and methodological foundations of research on teacher training for effective use of telecommunications in the learning process specified educational potential of computer hypertext environment, formed by network technology. Considered psychological principles using the Internet as a means of training teachers, problems of training and counseling teachers in the Internet. According to a study published educational methodical manual «Застосування телекомунікаційних засобів у навчальному процесі: психолого-педагогічні аспекти». (Київ, «Педагогічна думка», 2008).

In 2008, the Department began researching the psychological foundations of learning effectiveness (see publications).

In the years 2008-2011 studied the psychological foundations of learning effectiveness, the results of which in 2012 published a monograph «Дистанційне навчання: психологічні засади» (за редакцією М.Л. Смульсон).

In 2009 the Department conducted interdisciplinary scientific-practical conference «Technologies of intellectual activity», professional collection is given out «Психологічна теорія і технологія навчання» (Серія «Актуальні проблеми психології», Т.8).

In 2012, the Departmentof New Information Technologies started a new direction of - the research of adult intellectual development in virtual learning space. Theoretical and methodological analysis and concept development of research conception is conducted in the following main areas: the design of technology development and self-development of intelligence adults and the elderly, identifying psychological mechanisms to improve the quality of life of adults by means of intellectual development in virtual learning space, an analysis of project activity as a factor of intellectual development of adults of Adults virtual learning space, identifying psychological characteristics of group work in virtual learning space and more.

It is conducted on the base of Department a series of international scientific conferences online «Virtual educational space: psychological problems», published professional publications «Психологічна теорія і технологія навчання» (Серія «Актуальні проблеми психології», Т.8) and electronic journal "TECHNOLOGIES OF INTELLECT DEVELOPMENT"

The electronic scientific edition of Department of modern information technologies of education G.S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology Sciences of Ukraine "Technologies of intellect development" (http://www.psytir.org.ua) included in the list of professional publications in psychology that ratified by MON of Ukraine.

The Department cooperates with the Institute of Cybernetics of them. Acad. Glushkov National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, National Pedagogic University Dragomanov, Department of Psychology, National University "KPI" and other research centers in Ukraine and abroad.


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Psychology of distance education; the development of adult intellect, intellectual development in virtual learning space.

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